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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 17, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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boulevard. you can see the water impacted several lanes of traffic. >> this is one of many trees that fell over within the last 24 hours. this one smashed a bus stop on venice street. it also took down some electrical lines. that affected traffic in the area four hours. >> here is a look at what most people woke up to in the sierra. the cars were buried under the snow. two feet of snow fell overnight. it may traveled nearly impossible. chains are still required tonight on i-80. i-80 close to truck traffic in certain >> we do have coverage of the storm cleanup and the impact it is having on the area. here are the storm totals but let's begin with san francisco. reporter: the story here in
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san francisco is falling trees. you can see what is left of it like a street. we do have some videos that we just acquired. you can see right here that this has broken up the sidewalk. >> this rain soaked tree came crashing down shortly after 10:30 am. peter said he has been documenting the construction next to his home, but when he looked outside this morning this is what he saw. >> i went to the window to take pictures and i heard a cracking noise. i look up and i watched the tree fall. it may have taken three seconds. it didn't go down quickly. >> the tree crashed through a shelter and brought down eighth street light. it blocked traffic for hours. the treat surprisingly avoided hitting anyone on this usually busy street corner. >> there's usually 8-10 people
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inside of the area. they are usually waiting at the corner to cross the street. >> this ficus tree came crashing down as well. a camera caught the moment the tree began to collapse. a cart narrowly avoided being hit. this truck traffic to a halt. in all, more than 115 trees came crashing down because of the storms that came through the bay area over the last 24 hours. >> it has been very busy. we have brought in more work crews. >> the city workers have been busy. they have been clearing storm drains that left massive pools of water during the morning commute. >> there was a lot of localized flooding where the storm drains got clogged. our work crews and our sister agency, were out there trying to clear the storm drains so the water could drain down.
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that storm is also being blamed for one injury here in san francisco. amand was treated for a minor injury. one more live look out here. i said this was a ficus tree in it has gained notoriety here because here in the city, they have relatively shallow roots. the bushy tops can get wet easily and then they will topple over. that is one of the concerns your income for cisco -- that is one of the concerns here in san francisco. >> work crews spent the morning cleaning up a much like last night. this forced authorities to close a portion of the road. the cleanup took several hours in the roadway reopened early this afternoon. let's bring in our chief
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meteorologist. are we done with the rain for the moment? >> we are getting some scattered showers. the real rain from yesterday was significant. we are done with that but we are seeing some light showers. we got some strong rain last night. santa cruz mountains got of to six inches of rain in 24 hours. we also got six inches of rain in this area. that is a lot of rain in the north bay. right now, just looking outside, it is wet. vallejo got two inches of rain. oakland hills got 1.3 inches. it was a significant weather system. it will move through here. we saw the flash flood advisories. the blizzard warning has been dropped but the winter storm warning is still in effect. they are still getting rain.
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there are blizzard conditions out there and you don't want anything to do with the roads. it is bad. the winds are still gusting over 100 miles per hour. it is not winding down quickly. you can still see this area right here where we have scattered showers. this is compared to what we saw yesterday which was a significant weather system. the thing that i mentioned a lot yesterday, was saying how fortunate it is that we didn't have two systems. if we had to in a row, in a 12 hour period, we would've had problems. we did have some problems but because it was only one, we did okay. >> if you are waiting for people to get home, it is still wet out there. the roads are wet and slippery.
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you know how it gets when we have a little bit of rain. we do have more rain coming in the five door forecast -- five day forecast. it is a three day weekend so make sure you stay safe. thank you. the storm system is also expected to bring in big waves along the coast. the national weather service said waves could get up to 40 feet in some areas. expect dangerous rip currents. >> the heavy rains and strong winds caused widespread power outages around the area. most of the customers were in the north bay who were affected by the storms. we now have a power update from tom. reporter: we are in strawberry village, they lost power here because of a very large power pole decided to
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lean over. now as you can see, they are going to try to replace it. the workgroup is having a staff meeting about how to do this as they tried to repair this. you probably won't be completely finished until 6:00 a.m. this is what happens during a big storm. just so you know, 92% of the people in the pg an east system have had their power restored. 13,000 people are still waiting. the storm turned out to be a perfect storm to create power outages. of the customers who lost power, 30,000 were bay area customers. >> this was a very significant storm. we saw when gus up to 50 miles per hour. we did see and impact to our
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system. >> this tree took out power lines and close this busy road. on highway 101, a car took out a major power pole in powerline, closing one northbound lane while work crews tried to replace it. 122 pg&e work crews, have been on the job 16 hours on duty with only eight hours of rest. >> our emergency centers were open. that was to make sure we had our work crews standing by and in the right place at the right time so that they could respond to outages. >> it would be one thing if it was just a branch lien on the wires because that can be remedied quickly. the problem is, the top of the pole has been destroyed so it has to be replaced and all of the equipment has to be replaced as well. this will take hours.
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>> additional outages such as this one, came just before noon, hours after the storm when a power pole started leaning and cut off power to a large part of this shopping center. this is the result of totally saturated and unsaturated ground. a condition right now especially in the remote areas. >> it also leads to access issues where it is difficult for work crews to get to where they need to be to make the necessary repairs. the bottom line is, when you have these kinds of conditions, when you see a polar tree lanning, stay away from it. yoitis possible that it may fall and you don't want to be near when that happens. i want to show you one more thing. this will take all night to repair. what you are seeing right now is that safeway brought in a
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large generator. it will run the store and the other stores that are off-line to make sure they can serve their customers. by tomorrow morning, everything should be back to normal but for right now, it is a very unusual situation. back to you. thank you so much. most of the power outages are in the north bay where the 800 customers are still without electricity. in the south bay, close to 2400 customers are without power. utility customers are working around the clock to restore service. we need to catch the person that committed the crime and get them off of the street. >> violent crime in 2018 was down and surfaces but some crime did go up. what the police department said they will be focusing on this year. >> for the second time a small
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earthquake woke up people in the area. we will talk about the earthquake and see if there is any significance since it hit back-to-back. we will have more on the aftermath of the storms coming up. we will be right back. at bayer our roots run deep. so chances are you've seen us around the house... or around the yard... on the shelf... or even out in the field. your mom knew she could always count on us,
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stormy weather and slippery conditions are to blame for a big rig accident. it happened in concord this morning. traffic was reduced to one lane for three hours while work crews cleaned up the wreckage. has met crews were also called to the scene where a full tank
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poured over. >> the driver said the trailer was losing control and jackknifed in the middle of the freeway. >> heavy rain battered the area overnight. the standing water was a few feet deep in some places. the water receded by this morning. >> in the south bay, power outages have been keeping workers busy today. we are live in san jose where things are finally turning back to normal. drug you are right about slowly. the power came on about 2:30 pm but the outage is still having an effect on this area. starbucks is still close. to divert 50 gallons of milk to others starbucks after the power went out. they are not planning to reopen
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until tomorrow morning. the rain may have stopped but the dangerous conditions continue. >> when this car overturned on highway 17 around 1:30 pm, the police officer was the first on the scene. >> i was trying to see if she could free herself. she was able to pull herself out of the back window. >> the officer positions herself against the car and pulled the driver out to safety. firefighters then pulled her farther up the embankment. >> the car was hanging on the edge and you put yourself in danger to get her out. >> it definitely makes your heart race when you see something like that. i am just glad she was okay. >> the woman was able to walk away. >> a few miles away more mudslides. this one took down the tree. those driving small cars and trucks were allowed through but were warned. >> the rest of the mountain
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could slide too so we told them it was up to them. >> it was dangerous but those who know are the ones who live here. >> i didn't come home last night, i stayed in san jose. it was too dangerous. it wasn't worth the risk. i'm pregnant so it wasn't worth it to come appear. >> in san jose, a car with a beginners driver sticker was stuck in the mud. >> people were spinning out all over the place. we couldn't handle everything at once. we had to go to a lot of calls. >> this letter many people without power around the bay area. this elementary school calls for the date because of the lack of heat and power. it also forced several businesses to close too. here is a picture that we got showing mudslides along highway 101.
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this has caused some partial closures. back here, the elementary school will reopen tomorrow. >> that is some good news. many people in the bay area woke up to the rattle of another earthquake today. it was a 2.5 earthquake. the second earthquake in today's. they were both centered in the oakland hills near highway 13. it was the same as yesterday's 3.4 at quake. people as far as san jose help the quake. no reports of damage or injuries from either earthquake. join us now to talk more about this is peggy from the uc berkeley laboratory. think you for joining this. is there any significance to these earthquakes? >> so, it is typical that we
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have a group of earthquakes like these two and the smaller shocks. i don't think it is the prelude to the big one. we do know a big one will be coming and it could come at any time. it is impossible to predict when the next big one will hit. >> what do people learn from the small earthquakes like the one we saw today and yesterday? >> this is interesting. we learned more details about it. we imagine this was a sliced through the earth but the rocks on either side are different. maybe these little earthquakes will occur in the same spot and maybe they are saying these rocks are more sticky than
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other locations where the ground is just sliding along. >> so you have more details. >> yes we are learning more about the geology of it in general. that i grew up in berkeley, i have been here all of my life, at some point the big one will happen. it was always within the next 30 years. i am 6 years old now and it will have that happen. i thought the one in 91 was the big one but it wasn't. what do you say to people who, no in their minds that at some point it will happen.we just have no idea when. >> exactly that. at some point it will happen but we don't know when. what they have been telling you is there is a 30% chance it will happen in the next 30 years. it is different than saying it will happen in the next 30 years.
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one of the problems of earthquakes is predicting them. we have no particular signal that says, now it will happen. so we can't predict earthquakes. we can only look and say, over the course of the last 2000 years, there have been 12 earthquakes that were big enough to be similar to the one that was in 1868. we think on average 150 years, but it could be plus or -60 years and that is where our 30s present comes from. >> go ahead. >> i always say, the small earthquakes are a reminder to check your earthquake? -- kits. >> where do things stand and how well is the bay area equipped to warn people? >> so the equipment is there in the bay area and it is doing pretty well. we have enough stations to do
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pretty much the best job we can do in terms of this. the rest of the state, could have big earthquakes and that would affect the too. we still need more stations. >> if you live outside of the bay area, you can have this system in your backyard. how do you get the information to everyone on the street and we are working on that. there is the app that came out but it only works for people in los angeles. there are other apps available and we are working on them. for example, berkeley is working on an app to send the information over public television. we are continuing to look for better ways.any way to deliver the information to the people who need to use it. >> i would leave it at that.
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thank you for talking to us. >> glad to talk. >> the aclu is using the law to get police records that had been street -- secret. another case is the killing of stephan clark in sacramento. the law changed on january 1 and now allows the public to get public records where officers and men associated with the victim. >> how did it happen, and what are the history marks of the officer. does it relate to something relevant. >> the law is facing legal
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challenges. the police union filed a lawsuit saying it doesn't apply to records. >> no surprise that a city is the hottest housing market in the country. for the second year in the role that's right in a row it is san jose. the little said it is one of the best places to live. the city is at number one. the site said the median home price is more than $1.2 million. the median rent is $3500. the average household income is $117,000. coming up, it is the news they wanted to hear but there is no time to celebrate. >> we are also learning more about a home invasion that happened earlier this week in piedmont. the other crimes the police say the suspects may have
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committed. california's new governor is doing his part to help federal workers. the visit he made to the airport today. we will be right back.
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henry lee said the police and the mayor are not celebrating the drop in crime. >>@the police headquarters, the police chief and the mayor at some good news to share. >> we saw a drop in homicides,
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the lowest it has been in for years. >> car break-ins were down from the previous years. >> the numbers are promising. crime was down as well as homicide. >> some crime did go up. >> burglaries were up for the year for 2018. going into 2019, that will be a priority. >> this year there have been four homicides in the city including two on the same block . >> i am very happy where we landed for the most part in 2018. we can never become complacent because there is more work to be done. >> police will saturate problem areas and parts of market street. >> these are some of our most challenging areas and we are committed to making sure that we address what we know. people are frustrated with some
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of the spirit >> many are frustrated and concerned by high-profile crimes like the beating of an 88-year-old grandmother. >> we need to catch the person that committed the crime and get them off of the streets. >> be well mixed reactions when it comes to the crime rate. they said the numbers may not be accurate. >> police put this number out. >> i feel safe, i don't have to be worried about leaving my car. when i get off of work, it is dark but i don't feel scared. >> the chief said they will continue to have the patrol in high crime areas. this year alone, they will have five police academies to train new officers. visibility was near zero and interstate -- i have an 80
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close. travel is difficult right now in the sierra. traveled to lake tahoe is being discouraged. >> president trump grounds nancy pelosi and other members of congress, details about the trip that was canceled at the last minute. >> a stanford graduate said he has found the fountain of youth. we will be right back. (music throughout)
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the latest winter storm is dropping so. skiers and snowboarders who were headed to mountains, should be careful. all that snow is making driving a challenge. the roads are narrow and they do have curves. the drivers are being asked use caution and take it slow. >> it is really perfect timing for the holiday weekend for people who want to come up.
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>> at last check, the highway patrol told us there were no major incidents to report. visibility was near zero four people traveling on foot summit. that may driving conditions treacherous. they were asking people to stay off of the roads. if you could get to the ski areas, powder was there for you. here is more on the story. the cars came as the winds were howling. >> this led to snow being sucked from the mountainside. >> the workgroups had their own unique system to get the snow off of the road. >> we were out force with all o. we are just trying to get the smell off of the road. >> the big rigs blocked travel. racquel said once there was a
5:34 pm
break in the snowfall, the work crews would work their way through this area. >> once it clears up, we will make sure that ice does inform. dance until then, drivers shared this advice. >> if you don't know what you are doing, don't go up there. >> the stormy weather has played a role in and unusual crash. they said a marijuana delivery driver crash on highway 24 sending a letter of cannabis on the roadway. it happened at around 11 am. the car was damaged but the driver was not hurt. >> the weather has changed the plans of everyone who worked planning to go to the zoo. the zoo was closed and that made it quiet for the animals. the zoo will reopen tomorrow morning.
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the san francisco zoo remained open despite the bad weather. >> the defense attorney for the two men charged in the warehouse fire is calling this evil. in a press conference they blasted prosecutors requesting a gag order. if granted they can't talk about any evidence. a new judge will take up the motion tomorrow in court. attorneys for the two argued that the prosecutors destroyed evidence and failed to charge others who knew the conditions of the warehouse. >> it is important to the public that they get the truth because other people will die because nothing has changed. a cover-up have occurred here and it is still occurring. >> they don't want to talk to us. everything they did affected the jurors and they knew they were doing it. >> prosecutors say they were
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both responsible for the 36 lives lost in the fire. a hearing is set for tomorrow morning. the white house stepped up with their battle with nancy pelosi and canceled her congressional trip to afghanistan that was supposed to happen this afternoon. they plan to visit nadel allies. the democrats criticized the move as well as the decision to reveal the travel plans which were being kept secret for security reasons. the move is payback for nancy pelosi's request yesterday for the president to reschedule his state of the union address because of the partial government shutdown. doug tells of this is day 27 of the government shutdown and there is no end in sight. trump and nancy pelosi going [ null ] for tat. they are fighting over the
5:37 pm
border wall. the president informed pelosi that her seven-day trip to brussels, egypt and afghanistan is postponed. he said in light of the workers not receiving pay, i am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is appropriate. >> a bus that was set to transport her was caught on camera. it was supposed to leave this afternoon. >> i am just shocked she would leave the country during a government shutdown. >> this is ridiculous. >> the decision comes one day after she sent a letter of her own to trump's existing speech. this have caused the house began to back away from this. the seeger services fully
5:38 pm
prepared to support and secure any event. >> why are we taking it there. they should be paid for >> the longest shutdown is in its 27th day. >> it is just a question of time. >> while using military aircraft is off, the president said she could fly commercial. back to you. she said she is concerned that the airport in atlanta may be affected by the super bowl. it has called long security lines and tsa said they sent 20 officers to deal with the current shortage in the tsa said they plan to send more officers in preparation for the super bowl on february third. stepping up to help a
5:39 pm
family. out a coffee chain is raising money for the family of a fallen officer. >> investigators say more migrant children may have been separated from their families at the us-mexico border then reported. -- van previously reported. don't miss the grand opening of the new floor & decor
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negotiations resumed in los angeles today between the teachers union and the unified school district.
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the mayor is facilitating the talks. the teachers think they are not optimistic about a deal. this is the second largest strike. teachers want more support staff and a wage increase. the district said they do not have the money. >> i on strike. our funds have dwindled down. on days like today, i have to bite out of my own pocket tissue paper and kleenex. i have to buy band-aids for my students. >> the schools remain open staff by substitutes. some students have stayed home and these absences have called the school over $70 million. >> more migrant children may have been separated at the border. the administration said more than 2700 children were split from their families under the zero tolerance policy. a new report says that family
5:43 pm
separations were actually taking place one year before it became a policy. the report was conducted by the department of health and human services. they said they don't have an exact count on the separations but they estimate it may be thousands more than listed. more than two dozen drinks are being donated. locations are all over the area. officer corona was shot and killed one week ago today. she was a regular at the drive- through in the regular people said she is greatly missed. >> she gave us a lot of feedback. she was kind. everyone loved to see her come in. >> the fundraiser for natalie corona in that midnight tonight
5:44 pm
. a memorial service for her is plan for tomorrow at uc davis. still to come, for generations people have been trying to find a way to get young, now a graduate has found a way to do that. >> i will erase 50 years of aging. >> coming up, how he says it works. >> we are tracking some rainfall totals. we do have a winter weather warning in the mountains. we will talk about that in what you can expect for the weekend.
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the bait area new transit system reached a milestone today. they have carried more than 1 million passengers after a year of service. the first trains began rolling in august 2017. it is now growing in popularity and they will expand the system. >> we are delighted about the numbers. we have had 1 million passengers. they have been taking trips up and down the corridor. the highway is now making it work. >> this was a special gift for the writers. they handed out passes for free rides on the system.
5:48 pm
>> the search for eternal youth have taken one graduate back to an old concept. as jesse shows us, this company wants to offer new hope for achieving the fountain of youth. >> until recently the donations were for emergencies and national disasters. that has changed thanks to the new practice of using an essence of life help older people become young. >> it will not erase 50 years of aging but it will set a medium. >> this graduate said more than 2 years ago he decided to apply the practice to humans. it linked to my scott one was older one was younger yet blood transfusion. the younger one made the reverse of aging on the older
5:49 pm
one prevalent. you can get this at a bargain, $12,000. >> the effects of a transfusion is temporary. >> in the 1970s, this was a tv plot. the younger man tried to escape giving his blood to an elder. today people 16-25 years old and have no idea that the blood they donate could turnback someone else's clock. so far 150 patients with the age being near 60 have received the treatment. >> this increases the level for healthy proteins. it improved their states of functioning. >> he won't say if he has undergone the procedure this is
5:50 pm
a common medical procedure. it could lead to cures for heart disease and alzheimer's. the real draw is the desire to be forever young. it could take decades to know if this will help expand the lifespan of everyone. >> the highest rainfall totals are impressive. >> this area is coming in at five inches. you can see all of the rain totals right here.
5:51 pm
a very significant storm came in. now what is happening along the coast, we do have a lot going on. we are looking at this in intervals. that was a very large serve. you don't have certain conditions out there right now like the wind directions and the type. that nixes the idea that you may have a surf contest in this weather. the safe along the coast. the showers are still lingering. we do have a winter storm warning. if you're traveling, it will be sketchy. tomorrow afternoon it will get better. but most of the day i would say until noon it will be sketchy getting up there. you also have avalanche concerns. thesere'h snow out there. so we can see some shutdown
5:52 pm
there. so tomorrow morning, it will be cloudy, partly cloudy. then we will see dry weather. then saturday it will do the same thing. sunday, we do have a shot for some changing weather. especially in the mountains, we will see significant snow up there in the afternoon. around here we will see showers on sunday. the beautiful part of this, the rainfall totals. if we were going to get another system, it would change everything. but that is not the case. we have a great system set appear. we are not worried about anything downstream or upstream.
5:53 pm
the thing that is interesting is i monitored whether other tv stations were doing this, but they were talking about our stars. when this gets out, they are expecting massive problems with the storm. it is a big deal when people 3000 miles away are talking about something that happened here yesterday. >> thank you. the va said they have a plan to reduce the suicide rate amongst veterans. i will have the details coming up. coming up the suspects in a crime spree could be linked to a home invasion in piedmont. what investigators are learning. >> visiting federal workers and gi as the government shutdown continues.
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president trumps former attorney has admitted to pain to rig online polls. he confirmed a report in the wall street journal that he paid eight tech company owner $13,000 to enter fake votes. it was a poll asking people to identify top business leaders. and a poll on potential president kennedy. he said what i did was at the direction of and the benefit of donald trump. >> trump is calling for an expanded missile program. he sent a clear message to our adversaries that his administration is taking action to protect against missile threats. he said america's adversaries are increasing their strike
5:57 pm
capabilities and his first duty is to defend the country. >> in a time of rapidly evolving threats, we must be certain that our defensive capabilities are unmatched. >> the administration missile defense review is the first program since 2010. the strategy calls for studies but no testing is mandated in the final decisions have been made. >> the veteran affairs department is creating a campaign to end suicides. lucas tells us what is behind the latest campaign. >> veteran affairs looking for new ways to combat mental health and suicide. the va secretary defended his effort to help servicemembers coming home. following a report, alleging the department did not put enough resources into suicide prevention. >> every day 20 veterans take
5:58 pm
their own lives. 14 are outside of the department of veterans affairs. >> that number has remained the same in recent years. in the coming weeks, they plan to launch a new partnership with at least seven states to expand their outreach. >> thanks to the president and the congress we have a new budget of $47 million when it comes to getting the message to veterans across the country. >> he also said the government shutdown is hitting veterans hard. unemployment for veterans is falling. a number of veterans, ar. >> we will not do any favors for them if we don't do
5:59 pm
something. >> they will fill out the next program within the next weeks. emergency work crews out in force and mudslides and power outages plagued the bay area. this is in the wake of a winter storm. >> this was a very significant storm. we had winds up to 50 miles per hour. >> this through the problems remain. in the bay area is you feeling the impacts of the other system. work crews work leading up mudslides today. you can see the work crew on the scene working to clear the mud from the roadway. fortunately no one was hurt. >> work crews were also working here trying to unplug drains. and they also had standing
6:00 pm
water. >> we will tell you about the power outages from the storm. first here are the latest on the conditions >> we have seen some wind gust from yesterday they have been near 90 miles per hour. this was in the north bay. the winds were howling and the rains work coming down in the mountains we still have a winter storm warning ice folk to people and it has been hammering. the snow keeps coming down. the snow continues to pile up the rainfalls significant. the mountains have three inches of rain. in the north bay, we did have a lot of ra


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